Useful ones from the pros:

1. To maintain perfectly smooth screw operation use Chapstick to lubricate the threads.  (You can also soak a q-tip in cooking oil). 


2. Wash (and don't forget to dry) your Micro Herb Grinder from time to time - the clean look works for him.


3. Brush the teeth (Once a week is more than enough) - take off sticky particles and keep it sharp and biting.

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The following FAQ  have been brought up by users.

The following answers may give you a better understanding of the product.


When I put herb for grinding, the top part doesn't close. How should  this work?


  1. Take about 3 - 4 buds that fit the size of the gaps between the teeth . Push the buds in the lower "jaw" of the grinder and make sure they don't go over the rim.

  2. In order to close the "jaws" you have to clutch them one against the other while turning  back and forth to both sides. After few turns, the resistance will diminish. You're done when you feel the grinder is spinning freely.


The leftovers between the teeth drive me nuts. What can I do about it?


  1. Leftovers get stuck between our teeth also. The treatment should be just the same - use a toothpick to take the leftovers out. As opposed to ours - the herb leftovers can be reused.

  2. If #1 doesn't work, consult your dentist!


Why do I need a smell proof bag if I can keep the grinds in the large storage compartment of the herb grinder?


  1. The smell sticks to the grinder simply because you touch it while grinding your herb. The smell proof bag isolates it from the rest of the world and keeps the smell and aroma inside. Even a bloodhound won't guess what's inside.

  2. The smell proof bag color is black matte. As opposed to Micro Herb Grinder, the bag looks innocent. When you take it on the road it's always good to be on the safe side.

  3. The smell proof bag is big enough to hold some more reserve and useful stuff.

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